About Us

Founded in 1986, Murphy Veterinary Clinic specializes in providing cats and dogs with exceptional care, including medical services, boarding and baths. We understand the need for consistent care. Here at Murphy Veterinary Clinic, our patients are family. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of care. Because we are physician owned, we are patient driven and focus on providing excellent quality of care. We provide effective services that are responsive to the needs of our Central Florida community. Being physician owned means that we are able to focus on you.

Although we do offer same-day appointments when available, we encourage making appointments. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding scheduling and payment arrangements.

Susane Wayne

Doctor Susane Wayne is the owner here at the Murphy Veterinary Clinic. She is an alumni from Purdue University where she attained her Bachelors degree in biochemistry. Doctor Wayne went on the get her Masters from the University of Connecticut. She become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine after graduating from Oklahoma State University. Before coming to Murphy Vet Clinic, Doctor Wayne owned an equine practice for many years. Her extensive experience along with our patient driven approach are what sets this clinic apart.